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Application Guide

Application Guide
  1. Notarized High School Diploma and transcript or approved documents about similar school achievement(application for undergraduate program), 2- or 3-year Institute Diploma and Transcript (application for undergraduate program), Bachelor degree certificate and transcript (application for graduate program).
  2. Notarized financial statement to cover the study fees 
  3. Most recent health certificate(proof of negative HIV, tuberculosis, measles, rubella antibody titers or measles and rubella vaccination certificates)
  4. A photo copy of passport
  5. Three 2-inch photos
  6. Completed application form for admission for foreign students
  1. 經中華民國駐外館處驗證之高中畢業程度證明或高中畢業證書及成績單(申請大學部)、二年或三年制學院修業證明及成績單(申請插班大學部)或大學畢業證書及成績單(申請研究所)
  2. 經中華民國駐外館處驗證足夠在臺就學之財力證明書
  3. 健康證明含愛滋、結核病、痲疹抗體及德國痲疹抗體檢驗報告
  4. 護照影印本一份
  5. 2吋照片三張
  6. 填寫一份外國學生入學申請表