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Computer Laboratory

Location13th floor Department of International Business Administration 

Management TeacherChun-Ling Hung


The computer classroom mainly supports the related computer practice courses, including computer introduction, business suite software, e-commerce, customer relationship management, and statistical practice. The classroom was established in January 2001 by the CEO International Certification Center authorized the establishment of the German Rhine Group approved the license examination room, and in August 104 to set up an international license BAP business professional application ability license examination room, through the certificate counseling and curriculum theory combined to enhance students understanding the practicality of professional knowledge so that the theory and practice can embody each other and achieve the effect.


1. Emphasizing practical teaching, strengthen practical implementation ability
Implement the license system, emphasize technical practice
Matching with thematic competition, enrich the professional quality

Major Equipment

Hardware: PC 61, printing machine, network server, single shot projector
Software: Microsoft Office, virtual retailer management software, SPSS statistical software, EzOpen e-commerce software, power director, BAP certificate teaching and evaluation system.

Supporting Courses

Introduction to computers, commercial software applications, E – commerce, customer relationship management, internet multimedia web design, statistics, counseling international computer software license, MOSBAPEBA E - commerce management analyst, CRM commodity analyst and research method analyst.  



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